Preoccupied with Concern

The pretty images above were all taken in Singapore, several years ago. Singapore is a lovely, orderly country where there is literally no crime or corruption, where people respect the laws of government and place a high value on history. Singaporeans exist peacefully with each other and their neighbors. The locale is heavenly, the food is fantastic, the architecture is stunning and the people are quite curious about America. The pictures were placed in this blog as eye-candy in hopes that you will read down to the following text.

But these days I am preoccupied with thoughts of destruction. I tried very hard to write something else today but I could not control my seething fingers. I have become so distracted, so preoccupied, almost oblivious to the memories of the way things used to be in our lives, before he was elected. All I see in my future is conflict. I am embarrassed and ashamed of my country for the poor choices we are allowing to be made for us and the new set of despicable values that have become the norm in Washington DC. We have lost our honor, America.

America, bless its ignorant heart, is killing itself. We have become suicidal.

I thought we had become better educated than this. I have become sadly preoccupied with watching America self-destruct as it unfolds in the daily news. There are not enough hours in the day for every single thing that needs our “powerless” attention and our hollow “hopes and prayers”. In a miniscule period, equal to one ten-millionth of the blink of an eye in  the universal scheme of Time, we have lost our democracy to an uninformed, poorly educated, narcissistic, sociopathic, immoral lunatic who takes sick delight in chaos and hatred.

Our fragile world is fish-tailing across time, bobbing and weaving under the pressure of the increasing number of internal negative elements whose common purpose is to take us to our knees and render us helpless to change anything. The path of destruction widens daily as new levels of insidious corruption and malfeasance reveal themselves. Things have always been dicey on this planet; no consistent certainty of which side is winning during the time of our existence. But now… these days, it seems clear that the good side is losing. Before I was preoccupied, I woke up optimistic about humanity. Now a disproportionate portion of my waking hours are spent in terror of what is unfolding right before my eyes.

I am ashamed of my government. It no longer stands for the greater good. It is infested with greed and corruption and hunger for power in epidemic proportions, destroying our foundation in methodical precision. As if by hoards of ravenous grasshoppers on a rampage, we are being chewed down and eaten alive by our elected officials, leaving a barren path of nothingness; devoured by politicians who are getting fat and sick on rage, revenge and the new Republican mantra of apathy toward the people who elected them. Do these people in Washington not have children and grandchildren? Where is their vision for the future? What sense of responsibility do they have, other than to their own egos? For all this their dark legacy will be remembered; they are the destruction-ists.

If you are a person who cannot see it, you are more than just blind; you are self-absorbed, in denial, numb to the truth, ignorant of past history or too lazy to care. You are not preoccupied enough with the current state of affairs. You must fortify your courage and read about this phenomenon. You must be informed. You need to know what we are losing on a daily basis and define just what it is that you personally believe is worth fighting for, not abstractly but in the bloody trenches. Do not remain blind, deaf and dumb to history being made in the daily decisions of ignorant fools.

Major accomplishments that have taken decades to put in place are being vaporized right before our eyes. Not only basic human rights and privileges for every human being, but environmental protections critical to our planet’s survival. Water and air are becoming more and more contaminated but clean water and fresh air are no longer considered a basic human right. Education loses and guns win. Poverty and hunger remain as ostentatious military parades are planned. Parks and national treasures are being destroyed and dismantled for the sake of more oil and minerals. Walls are built and fear is mandated. Does this sound like it could be a description of North Korea or Russia?  Germany during WW II? Hell yes it does, but it is happening here in America.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that a handful of treacherous men and women in high places have taken it upon themselves to promote, follow and enable a warped and perverted leader in the process of accomplishing his murderous agenda.

How can we allow this to happen?

What is wrong with us?

Must we allow everything to be torn down in order to see the light again?

History is always our teacher; nothing good can come from this.




8 responses to “Preoccupied with Concern

  1. I almost hesitate to click on the like button. Your words cut to the chase…and to the quick. I too feel that our country has already lost so much that it is irreparable. Groups protest, make calls to elected officials, write letters, but to no avail. This is not going to end well.

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  2. I had tears of sadness and joy, joy that someone would capture Trump’s abuse of America and the world. And you certainly did. This essay has to go viral. Can I do that? What resonates throughout this insightful piece is what millions are feeling but cannot articulate as well as you did. I am honored to have had the opportunity to read what you wrote and more so, it leaves me with the hope that there are people like you who know what is going on for millions like me who must wake up each day being forced into internal emigration in order make sense of the madness one false patriot is creating. Thank you.

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  3. Jo, do I have to come there and sit you on my lap? Everything you say and feel is definitely real, but what if the corruption has been there all along (during many past administrations) and it’s just now surfacing for it to be recognized and zapped? We have no way of knowing, so that being said, those who are seeking truth must continue seeking. We do affect the environment directly (it can be scientifically measured; HeartMath’s em wave) so let’s ramp up whatever each of our calling is BE that hope. Darkness hates the light! All love to all!❤️


  4. Dear Jo Ann, It seems to me that many good people in the US have lost their perspective since the last presidential election. I remember your many positive and intelligent contributions, and wonder how you could have been so influenced by what seems to an outsider like mass hysteria. A democratic society has ups and down, mistakes, and corrections. Life goes on. It is important for everyone in society to know how to win and how to lose, but a large part of the media in America has reacted to Trump with unreasonable hatred. Usually, after great advances or changes, there are backlashes, and twists. It’s not really in our interest, or healthy for us to identify on a personal private level to such a degree with the political fortunes of the country. Try comparing your situation to the situation in a lot of other countries of the world. You wrote: “If you are a person who cannot see it, you are more than just blind; you are self-absorbed, in denial, numb to the truth, ignorant of past history or too lazy to care. You are not preoccupied enough with the current state of affairs”. Ask yourself, if there might not be another way to look at the situation in your country. with love, Shimon


    • Shimon it is always good to hear from you! I have missed your wisdom and your insights. Thank you for sharing this………I have read it several times.
      Here in the USA we are accustomed to taking pride in the quality of our presidential leaders – their intelligence, their vision for the future, the respect we hope they have in the world, their sincere and unselfish love of our environment, our democracy and the welfare of our people – no matter what their party affiliation happens to be. I myself am an independent, un-affiliated voter. I am not a Democrat or a Republican. I am 75 years old. I have never experienced a man such as this in the office of the President of the USA and I am un-apologetically appalled. He is systematically removing decades of progressive environmental protections here in our country. He is removing programs and aid for disabled children, hungry elderly people and inner city families. His so-called education is a fraud – he lied to everyone about his degrees. He is poorly informed in world affairs, history, geography, ethics and he is a racist. He is selfishly doing personal business while in the office and profiting from his illegal connections. He is allowing himself to be heavily influenced by a Russian agenda that does not serve this country well. I could go on and on – I read a lot of information from reputable, truth-seeking news sources who have a noble and proven reputation for uncovering huge stories of corruption and fraud. When Robert Mueller reveals the extent of his investigation America will be astonished at the depth of corruption in this presidency.
      Sad but true. Yes, of course, it sickens me – for the generations coming next who will have to use money and valuable time to undo all the harm he has done, when they should be placing their efforts toward raising their kids in a healthy world, improving medical and educational issues and just plain enjoying life.
      We take our politics very very seriously in this country and we were very proud of the progress we were making on many major fronts. We all want our president to be an honorable man, without personal agendas who works FOR THE PEOPLE – he works FOR US. This is a democracy.

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      • Jo Ann, first, you might be want to know that I’ve gone back to writing on the blog… don’t know how long it’ll last, but I’m trying. And though I’m a bit older than you, and live in a far away country, I’ve been watching and learning from America for a long time now… because of the respect and affection I feel for your country. I remember Nixon shouting ‘I am not a crook’, and Clinton lying about his sexual indulgences with young ladies, some of whom felt imposed upon by him. I remember Carter representing the US very poorly on the international scene and a lot of other presidential buffoonery that made me cringe at the time. With all due respect for the office, when we come right down to it, the people in that office are just human beings. And there are all kinds of human beings. There are moments in all of our lives when we fail to live up to our own standards, and the same happens with nations, no matter how much we love them. I think it best that we remember the good, and try to forgive ourselves for the weaknesses; respect the office, but not exaggerate its importance.


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