Within Eleven Days


18 x 24 Mixed Media acrylic painting by Jo Ann Brown-Scott

The week started out rotten as a two week old peach left out in the rain – things looked bleak on all fronts with no solutions in sight to a number of problems. Usually I might comfort myself in the knowledge that none of my pathetic little issues are life or death situations but in this case there were several major situations and one of them was indeed a life or death struggle for a person I love…..and as I hung on, white knuckled and melting down with every passing silent hour while the phone did not ring and the texts were all too infrequent…..I tried to deal with the other situations that also required my (diluted) attention.

It seems ridiculous under those kinds of circumstances, but life does go on. The world does not stand frozen as you wait and wonder and agonize for news. Every tiny mundane task you must perform, every thought in your head, every meal you do not eat, every waking hour and every sleepless night spent twisting and turning in the belly of the darkness you continue to wait for the slightest news that things are improving. For days on end nothing much changes.

I would imagine most of you have been to that hollow terrifying place. If you have not, you are extremely fortunate, but know that some day it will visit you. No one escapes.

But then, after seven moons plus four, there is a turn for the better and I wake up to sun. The slightest baby steps have been taken and taken and taken, the news is more hopeful, the big picture seems to be improving and the world outside your mind gains color and noise and aromas once again. There has been a sea change of the utmost proportions.

Was it your prayers? Was it your faith? Was it sheer determination and a personal will to live? Did the universe intervene at your request? Does group prayer make a difference? Have you witnessed a miracle?

All of the above.



Excerpt – A Canary Flies the Canyon


New Novel by Jo Ann Brown-Scott

I am proud to announce that my new novel, pictured above, will be released on KINDLE on February 15th! Many of you have requested just that – and so I am providing it. After traveling with thick, cumbersome books and spending ridiculous sums of money on books through the years that appeal only to me, leaving them wasted on my shelf after one reading, I do agree that KINDLE is the modern answer to building a library of adventures at low cost.

This book was a labor of love for me; it flowed and unfolded almost beyond my control, as do many of my paintings. The story is both timeless and timely – a young girl’s quest to establish herself as an artist with her life’s calling, complicated with loss, love and  three particular men, which is why it qualifies as a love story as well as a coming of age accounting.

Here is an except from the very beginning of Chapter 34, when my heroine Annie decides to mend an important fence after flying into Denver from California….each chapter is the book is preceded by a bit of my own verse…..


The winds are full of anger,

blowing the rubbish of our argument around.

I come to you with peace on my mind

not knowing how it will be received.

For a while I became you

putting myself in your place

to better understand.

If you have done the same for me

perhaps we will meet in the middle

and find our love again.


“Hi it’s me. The canary has landed,” I said on the phone.

“Hey canary. Are you free this afternoon?” he said in his baritone voice.

“Yes I am…”

“Well fly on up the canyon then…see ya soon.”

As I flew the canyon to his home I was more nervous with each passing mile and yet I had no feelings of foreboding. It was a different kind of nervous, born of anticipation and yearning. I wanted to make things right again. I understood him this time.

I began to climb his long and winding driveway, wondering where he’d be and how I would be received. It was comforting to be there again among the pines. The meadow was lush green and all confetti-ed with yellow and lavender wildflowers. I saw a deer with a new fawn; I drove slowly past the guest house, the old outhouse and then the big boulders rolled nicely into place along the creek in another ancient time.

As I parked in the wide circular driveway I noticed his familiar vehicles. The birds were vocal, as always when I arrived and I parked and walked to the kitchen door. I knocked. No answer.

I opened it and said, “Hans I’m here!”

No answer. I knew where he was. His safe place. His studio.

I climbed the wooden stairs, reached the loft, looked over to see if he was sitting behind his large rolltop desk. He was not, so I continued around to the left up a couple more stairs and turned left again into the billiard room where he stored a lot of his art, stacked against the walls, blocking the opening to the fireplace, in piles on top of the pool table and spreading out across the large space. I walked quietly through it to his studio door and saw him at his easel, working, with his back to me. I knew that he had seen me coming up the driveway, pulling to a stop; I suspected he had seen me get out of the car, even heard me call his name as I entered the kitchen and then heard me climbing the wooden stairs, but he had not moved.

I walked to him, put my arms around his waist, and hugged him from behind. He turned around and we kissed a long slow passionate kiss.

Then he looked at me and said, “Well that was a friendly hello!”

“Yeah. I can’t be mad at you anymore. I can’t hang onto anger. I was wrong to break up without a talk. I missed you.”



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January 6-The Day of Epiphany



Several years ago after my success of writing a book about creativity and the epiphanies that had inspired 18 people to choose which of many available creative paths might give them their greatest fulfillment, I began this blog.

For many years I have written about just what an epiphany really is, how I define the contemporary meaning of it, in what circumstances and forms they come to us, how to listen for them and hear their messages over and over again, and how they have changed people’s lives for the better with the enlightenment they provide. My book is still available on Amazon.com under the title THE CREATIVE EPIPHANY, and my WordPress blog archives will provide additional information, including the historical meaning of the Day of Epiphany.

Epiphanies are essentially messages from our souls; they deliver truth; the only simple, pure agenda they have is to inform us and guide us. The epiphany will never steer us in the wrong direction. The voice we hear will start out as subtle messages that might whisper a suggestion or as helpful bits of new information that help us solve a problem and if we pay no attention at all the messages will repeat and repeat, becoming louder and stronger and more commanding until we truly pay attention and acknowledge them and alter our actions accordingly. Because you see if you ignore a message from your soul, you have a great deal to lose in life.

Most of you have had an experience where your better judgment, your conscience, your intuition, YOUR SOUL told you NOT to do something. Or perhaps it told you that you MUST do something. That inner voice is sending you a clue. It is giving you help. It is guiding you. It is from your soul and therefor it is sent to you as surely as if you had a pipeline to the universe where all the wisdom of the eons and the ages is stored….

I could wish nothing better for you than to experience a life-altering epiphany in this new year. If you are floundering and searching for some answers, you need one. And if you are just fine, you certainly want to stay that way. Meditation will facilitate your inner soul voice and clear a path for information and new viewpoints to percolate up through your layers of thought to the surface where they can be heard. But you must LIVE IN THE NOW, refusing to allow the clutter of prior disappointments to cloud your mind; you must BE QUIET and AWARE for a focused part of every day. Then you must LISTEN.  And you must ASK.

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