Within Eleven Days


18 x 24 Mixed Media acrylic painting by Jo Ann Brown-Scott

The week started out rotten as a two week old peach left out in the rain – things looked bleak on all fronts with no solutions in sight to a number of problems. Usually I might comfort myself in the knowledge that none of my pathetic little issues are life or death situations but in this case there were several major situations and one of them was indeed a life or death struggle for a person I love…..and as I hung on, white knuckled and melting down with every passing silent hour while the phone did not ring and the texts were all too infrequent…..I tried to deal with the other situations that also required my (diluted) attention.

It seems ridiculous under those kinds of circumstances, but life does go on. The world does not stand frozen as you wait and wonder and agonize for news. Every tiny mundane task you must perform, every thought in your head, every meal you do not eat, every waking hour and every sleepless night spent twisting and turning in the belly of the darkness you continue to wait for the slightest news that things are improving. For days on end nothing much changes.

I would imagine most of you have been to that hollow terrifying place. If you have not, you are extremely fortunate, but know that some day it will visit you. No one escapes.

But then, after seven moons plus four, there is a turn for the better and I wake up to sun. The slightest baby steps have been taken and taken and taken, the news is more hopeful, the big picture seems to be improving and the world outside your mind gains color and noise and aromas once again. There has been a sea change of the utmost proportions.

Was it your prayers? Was it your faith? Was it sheer determination and a personal will to live? Did the universe intervene at your request? Does group prayer make a difference? Have you witnessed a miracle?

All of the above.



5 responses to “Within Eleven Days

  1. I’m sorry for your painful experience but it appears as though things are looking more on an upturn. I don’t know who your are referring to although some names come to mind. I hope and pray that by the time you read this, life is even better.

    Your forever friend,

    Mary Beth Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect – Chief Seattle

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  2. Dear Jo- I believe that it doesn’t discriminate anyone and as you said, at some point it gives us a welcome hello! lol lol- Sometimes we just need to laugh at it all, but I know it’s no fun when you get that feeling. The great thing for us is that as Artist we are so lucky that we can put it all in a canvas, or a Mixed Media collage and if we Journal, in their as well. Darkness doesn’t last long, cause the sun always comes out in the morning and a new day arrives for us with hopes of a better day and with hopes that we get some answers to our problem… Art is a healer Jo! The more we do it the more we release the toxins and create some amazing piece of art work from our emotions!..As you said was it prayers?, good thoughts from others?, etc at the long run, it’s truly “Us” that make it happen with that little helpers we have!, We start seeing the light even in the darkest days! I will leave you with this quotes from my most favorite poet that always helps me out-

    ” You have to keep breaking your HEART, until it opens”..Rumi

    …Hugs, Laz



  3. Jo, Oh, Jo, I hope circumstances and people have improved. While you are thinking of the well-being of others, please take care of yourself. I agree with MB’s quote, we are all connected in times of trouble and times of great joy. I am with you. Evelyn


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