For all that has been, thanks; to all that will be, yes. – Dag Hammarskjold

I am a life-long artist first and foremost and then a writer/author….not sure why the writer/author took so long to show up but I think there were early clues that I ignored, thinking I had to choose one or the other. After growing up on 8 picturesque acres in the hills of southern Ohio I went west and graduated from CU Boulder with a fine art degree. Denver became my true home-base, but as an adult  I have lived in many other places, always returning to Denver. Marriage of course, two lovely children, a boy then a girl, and a dog named Tenspeed – fast forward to the 90’s and I was living in the lovely mountain community of Evergreen just west of Denver, and showing my art in many galleries in the Denver/Evergreen area and beyond. My style is mixed media, often using exotic collage papers as well as odd found objects and junk, quite abstract and contemporary – and of course all about the color, pattern and texture. The occasional artistic surprise sometimes shows up in startling portraits of American Indians, Africans and other indigenous people.

For several years (2006-2013) I lived in Northern California, due to career opportunities for my husband who has since passed away. While there I taught my proprietary techniques in mixed media to adults while living in an active 55+ community in Lincoln, CA., but I have now moved back to the Denver area. Since coming back to the Rocky Mountain area in the summer of 2013 I have refreshed my skills by taking an advanced expressionist painting class at Denver Art Students League with instructor Homare Ikeda.

The writing came naturally after painting for so many years; the two processes are quite similar for me. I have published several books; the first is EPIPHANY AND HER FRIENDS, the second is THE CREATIVE EPIPHANY which won honorable mention in the national USA Book News Awards for narrative non-fiction in 2009. The second book is available on http://www.amazon.com and through other distributors. My CREATIVE EPIPHANY Blog has opened my life, given me a voice when I am itching to speak, and proved a logical step forward based on all that has gone before.

My third book, a novel titled A CANARY FLIES THE CANYON is earning 5 Star reviews on Amazon and Kindle. It is the story of a young woman’s life-long journey to become an artist, and the obstacles she encounters along the way. Not surprisingly, it echoes my own evolution as an artist. I look back over all the pieces of the puzzle that define who I am, and writing makes perfect sense. I could not deny the hunger to write any more than I could stop painting.

JUNE  2019 NEWS – I have just published my newest book titled: YOUR MIRACULOUS, TIMELESS CREATIVITY – The Care and Feeding of Your Creative Gifts available on Amazon and on Kindle by July 1

See more of my art and writing at the links below:


http://www.acanaryfliesthecanyon.com    http://www.thecreativeepiphany.com


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  1. Hi Jo,

    Thank you for the work you do. I thought you and your readers will appreciate a documentary film called You’d Sing Too.

    You’d Sing Too follows artists who have embraced their creative expression to find their freedom and heal from trauma of political and cultural oppression.

    These artists explore freedom and oppression in different contexts and determine whether peace can be found through creative expression.

    You can view the film here:




      • So nice to meet you, Jo Ann. Mahree has been so helpful and encouraging as I make this huge leap into the unknown of Africa. Last summer I hiked for a week in the Dolomites of Italy and I thought that was my grand adventure, but now a safari! Rosemarie


  2. Hi there Jo. Read one of your posts after Angeline reblogged it, and liked it. It is always a pleasure to meet someone who is light hearted and free spirited. Wishing you many good days, the wisdom of Rumi, and the smile of a fat Buddha.


    • WOW!!! I am so honored!!! Am I supposed to do anything? I do not really know what this involves but I believe it is truly an honor coming from YOU and I thank you so much! I have nevre won a single WordPress honor before…..

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      • The post (link in my 1st message) explains what to do. However, don’t feel obligated to do a post if you don’t want. Just know I appreciate you, your work, and glad you’re a part of the “family” on WordPress 🙂 Blessings!!

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