And so….this is how it happens….the fire is re-lit

?????????? The Year Long Canvas BEFORE…..and AFTER (see below)

In your light I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest, where no one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art. – Rumi

I woke up this morning newly-brave.

Born again into risk taking and artistic experimentation.

After about a month of YLC in-action I am ready to make my next big move on the YEAR LONG CANVAS, unapologetically and without a dot of hesitation. Something has kicked in and recharged me, and if I had to guess what that was, I think I would say that it had to be a perfect storm of things.  My glorious weekend in the mountains, a poem I received from a wise blogging friend who lives in Israel and is enduring the agony of that conflict, a Harley ride in the Sunday rain, the full belly laughter that I experienced on the phone with a friend, grown children who still love me – all of which are life affirming and reinforce for me the constant wonder and gratitude for the days and nights I am living. I am filled to the brim with life, wanting to value every day.

To be so fortunate is a miracle to me. I agonize for my friend in Israel. I feel deeply for friends and family who are suffering. The flip side of that is my determination to live my own life to its best potential, as a thank-you prayer to the universe. A joyful offering. I too have suffered, been miserable, lost people I loved, been disappointed and hurt by people who are still alive. I don’t live in a bubble. But I am not one who can hold on to pain and keep wringing it out of my days and nights when I am given a chance to let it go. And I have let it all go. It is just good Karma to remind myself of that every once in a while and have a little celebration.

Today I will do some things to the YLC with a “what the hell” attitude – geez I can always paint another painting – who do I think l I am, giving such weighty importance to a mere canvas? What is the worst that can happen? I very seldom ruin a canvas….

I am tired of avoiding it.

Today I welcome it and will confront it with a smile and a song. I knew I would be back. Told you so.

If you do not like what you see, or you are bored with this entire project, leave now. Or hang in here and  see what happens. You can refresh your mind about what I am doing on the YLC in my Archives if need be. I can assure you that whatever brushstrokes are done today will be made from a stance of positivity, as a prayer of thanks.  Nothing done in the name of my art will be angry. Strong vibrant color is a sign of joy and healthy strength, powerful compositions are confident and life-affirming. Thick paint and high texture indicate the need to feel things deeply and experience passion.

Abstract art is perfect for prayers to the universe; the art Buddha smiles.

YLCJU14 and AFTER, copyright July 2014 Jo Ann Brown-Scott – not yet titled


16 responses to “And so….this is how it happens….the fire is re-lit

  1. Wow Wow Wow – everything you wrote explodes from the canvas – that clear determination to cut loose from the suffering and go for the joy. Such exuberance!
    This post will appear to come from Don because I am using his computer while mine is being repaired. WP drives me crazy at times. Although Don is logged out of WP and I am logged in it still won’t let me comment as me. Sigh.


  2. What the hell attitude—YES! Perfection ruins paintings every time, and you’ve nailed it. You can always paint another paint. But that desire to make it perfect, that fear of ruining it, will always lead to painting doom. I’m celebrating your What the Hell spirit with you, Jo Ann!


    • Ha Ha Ha !! Yippee!!
      Truth be told here – I seldom do worry about perfection in my art but this one particular painting is such a damn challenge – not the doing of it but the annoying assignment to keep it going for a whole year. That’s next February!!


      • Does it make you feel better to know that
        a) you are developing perseverance
        b) you’ve trumped me on the perfection thing—I can’t abide the fear I might “ruin” a painting (which my rational mind knows is utter nonsense)
        c) you’ve inspired a blog post about this very topic—working on it now, and planning to quote you/link here.
        You’ll have an entire book when this YLC thing is concluded! Maybe even a Hollywood blockbuster.


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  4. Woo Hoo & Hell yeah! The Buddha must definitely be smiling – I sure am! The words & the painting are alive with the very spirit of creativity. I was “whooping” to myself the whole time I was reading! LOVE IT!


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