A CANARY FLIES THE CANYON A Novel by Jo Ann Brown-Scott

tree roots

Tree Roots of Angkor Wat

A bunch of funny things happen on the way to publishing a novel….funnier on some days than on others of course. Two steps back, one step forward, three steps forward and then a day when 4 steps back take you by surprise, knocking the air right out of your lungs.

This has been a very weird day, aside from the wonderful visit by the Pope, which I have been attentive to and inspired by. That will be another blog – when I am feeling nicer and more benevolent of spirit…because I do so love this particular Pope.

Here’s the deal – I believe, as I write this, and because people tell me it is true, that my book’s website is now published…but I cannot see it on any of my own devices. Not on my PC, not on my Iphone, not on my laptop and not on my Ipad. Why? Please tell me why! Oh the Yahoo Sitebuilder tech support people have so many interesting answers. You would be amazed. I know a bit or two about computers, but their answers are all voodoo to me. I have spent hours on the phone, being walked through a dozen trouble-shooting procedures, but nada. Today, before noon, all of their fingers were pointing at Comcast. If any of you can enlighten me, please do so. Comcast and I had a long chat and it is not them – why would they possibly deny me access to my own website?

My new website address for my book is http://www.joannbrownscottauthor.com

Can you see it? All the people I spoke with this morning assure me that it is a beautiful website! I would love to have you visit it! Please tell me if you are able to do that…because I still want a solution so that I can go there myself.

I intend to offer some insight about the title of my novel, soon, because it is both whimsical and enigmatic, I think. Stay tuned for that – and I am actually able to edit my website and make additions and changes to it but I cannot see them myself when I am finished. This has got to be resolved!

Please bear with me. I am in the outer ring of technological hell.