My post in response to the Daily One-Word Prompt FIERCE.

My daughter and I attended the 2016 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque this spring. Our experience was a once-in-a-lifetime eye-opener – a trip to another world. I have always been fascinated with the American Indian, so this weekend was not a random occasion. I was there to learn and to widen the scope of my understanding.

Three thousand Native Americans were in attendance, representing tribes from the entire country, all arriving in full regalia in an opening processional walk to center stage as the thunderous beating of big drums pounded from around the perimeter of the covered arena. Our hearts were close to jumping out of our chests with the thrill of that scene before us, and for the next couple days we watched the dancing to the story-telling songs of each tribe.

We have a terrible weight on our shoulders resulting from the history of our country in relation to Indians – I highly recommend that you attend a Pow Wow – there are many in the USA – and attempt to understand these indigenous peoples. These original, first nation tribes. These powerful, artistically gifted, musical and dance-loving people who will send chills up your spine and amaze you with their customs. You owe that to yourselves and your children.

Refer to my blog ARCHIVES of about 4 months ago titled That Which Stirs My Soul for the full report on this Pow Wow in New Mexico.



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