Your Life’s Collage


Mixed Media Collage by Jo Ann Brown-Scott

I have always enjoyed mixing it up. I find it nearly impossible to swallow things whole without tweaking some little aspect here or there to achieve a unique recipe that appeals to my own particular sense of intellectual or aesthetic “rightness”. And we are not talking about food here folks.

I am hardly 100% anything.

My religion, if you can call it that, is a spiritual soup of many doctrines and beliefs. I am not strongly spouting off any hard and fast doctrines – there are aspects of Christianity, Buddhism, the Jewish faith and several others that when combined into one whole all work together quite nicely for me. I am a child of the universe. I believe the earth is alive – our hostess – breathing and in need of constant nurturing. We serve at the pleasure of the planet. And we are so disrespectful.

My art (my life-long passion) and the art of living my life are a collage of experiences which I stitch together as I go, adding new pieces of knowledge to the whole. Whenever a new snippet is added to the fabric I am weaving, everything that has gone before is slightly moved and adjusted and changed by the arrival of new information. Edges of things, sometimes cut and sometimes torn,  are overlapped and meticulously arranged; texture here – color there – lines naturally formed with paths of information and achievement and failure and loss and joy and wonder and discovery take my attention forward to the next thing. Texture, pattern and color are my  life’s manifestation of events – whether those events be happy, sad or somewhere in between. I see my experiences  in those artistic tactile dimensions.

Every single thing is of value to me. I do not miss much. I notice, I am aware. And I am often, daily and hourly and even minute by minute – AMAZED. Life is an ever-evolving tapestry – a blanket of layers – a textile of humankind. I am but one, but I am mighty.

Your life is the same. We all question things. Most of us  live in the space between the extremes of knowing absolutely and not knowing. I truly doubt that you are 100% anything at all, unless it is human. But there is great value in simply that.

Here is a quote from me, found at the PREFACE in my new novel A CANARY FLIES THE CANYON, available on Amazon and Kindle.


Mankind is on an eternal march;

a trail of humanity driven by instinct

and perhaps divine inspiration.

Although we are at time directionless,

straying randomly from the path

an internal compass guides our way

and we are actually at one with the stars,

purposely aligned and aware

of our place in the universe.




8 responses to “Your Life’s Collage

  1. What a beautiful piece Jo Ann. We are all patchwork stitched together. We think life in linear and logical, but it seems to me that it is neither. The more I experience the more the patchwork nature is revealed, and the less I know. And at the same time we are “purposely aligned and aware of our place in the universe” – even if we are not aware of it.


  2. Far out! I am a friend of your friend, Sharon Krauss, and she lovingly sent me this! We are sistas and kindred. I felt like jumping for joy at each word. Gotta go now and download your book on Kindle! Send a conscious male if you know one for me!❤️🕉✌️😍

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  3. Hi Jo! I just finished “Canary” and had to call Sharon K. With huge gratitude for introducing us! I believe every woman’s story is beautiful and yours so rocks! Then I had to know: is Hans real? Damn! Ok I am so happy for you and am again praying to Rumi for one of my own! Continued blessings of boundless creativity and bliss! Love, Kayt

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    • WOW Kayt that is a super comment about the book and I soooo appreciate it!! Would love to be in contact with you privately by email, because anything I say here is open to the world on WordPress….are you able to get my private email from Sharon?


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