A Momentous Day for Progress

I must express my whole-hearted approval of the decision by the Supreme Court that was announced today – we have turned a momentous corner toward equality for all people in this country, no matter what your gender, no matter what state or in which city you choose to live. You have now legally been awarded the basic human right that you should have had all along, to be who you authentically are in every state of the union, live where you would like to live and with whom, enjoying those rights and to express your personal preferences legally with the partner you choose. I could not be happier. What the hell took so long? It is all so very basic….the right to be who you were born to be with the some rights as every other human being. It is all about  tolerance and RESPECT. Let’s get some more of that going. Let’s all grow up.bar


3 responses to “A Momentous Day for Progress

  1. And it was sandwiched in between the Supreme Court upholding the Affordable Care Act and today’s incredible speech by President Obama….in which said many of the same things that you wrote! Thanks for sending this out. Jane


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