Birthday Schmirthday


I had to have another birthday last week. I am older than I have ever been and still dazed and confused about life much of the time, but doing fine. These birthdays can kill you. There were a couple days worth of celebration; cards, calls and lovely gifts mixed in with a few dark, unpleasant surprises, but such is life. It was a real birthday – real – not quite all love and laughter every single minute all the time. But that’s ok, I am ok and life goes on. Yesterday I had a birthday lunch and movie with a dear friend, tonight I am having a late celebration with an exceedingly important person in my life, and so the birthday beat goes on….beat beat beat, just like a heart.

I ran across several quotes this week that I happen to love so much that I wanted to share them with you. The one on the cover of the black book that I was given just yesterday, in the above picture, is stunningly true, and I know that because I have lived it. I guess we all have.

Here is the second one, from one of my favorite people for wise and wonderful quotes, Maya Angelou :

“Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option.”

That can keep you thinking all day long, going over your life and remembering when you might have made that mistake. When you reach the upper birthdays you have probably, if you are getting older AND wiser, weeded some folks out of your days because they are no longer an enhancement to your life, for one reason or another. Life gets short, your days are numbered, you have a sense of urgency about how you will best spend your time remaining. If a certain someone is not ever contributing to the great good, you tend to see less of them, wanting to spend your days in positivity and appreciation for all the things that bring you to a good place, a place of comfort and joy.

Many Thanks to my brother, for sending me one of the most beautiful, original birthday greetings I have ever had. I will keep it and read it every year. Thanks to all my many friends ( including my blog friends whom I have never met) and relatives for remembering me and being the loving support that keeps me going, because it really does take a village, for your entire life. I value your words of wisdom and your ability to make me laugh. I have you in my life because you are all lights in my universe, and we all need to have light. You all influence how I paint, what I write about, what I say in conversation and what I believe in my heart to be true. We are all the sum of many parts, and I am the expression of the sum total of the people I surround myself with. So are you.

But you all probably already knew that, didn’t you?




8 responses to “Birthday Schmirthday

  1. Jo, I wish you a late, but none the less happy birthday greeting! Please see my comment to you on Facebook, that will explain it all. Maybe. I hope that the dark unpleasant surprises are now swept out the door, and that you move onward into another year of happiness and creativity.


  2. JO, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR ONE! Your writings and musings are gifts you give to all of us mortals. Thank you. I hope all (or at least most) is well with you and yours. The same could be said for me…almost all is well. Let’s still embrace life, love and flexibility.


  3. Happy Birthday! I do so agree with the Maya Angelou post and what you wrote about it. Got little time these days for people who bring us down. Focused on all the positive we can find both within and without.
    Also love the Neale Donald Walsch quote/title. Perfectly true.


  4. Belated birthday wishes! A birthday that brings mixed blessings is like life. As my father used to say, “Consider the alternative.” That seemed so profound to us when we were younger. Probably it still is. Here’s to your next year of painting bliss!


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