The Creative Epiphany – Seems Kinda Fishy


Mixed Media Collage titled Traffic by Jo Ann Brown-Scott

Is it just me or does everything in the news sound fishy? We did not just fall off the turnip truck, did we? We were not born yesterday. It used to be that what you heard in the news was straightforward. Now it seems that everyone has an angle. Nothing is as it seems anymore. I don’t want to sound paranoid, but it’s almost like we are being fed a steady ration of crap, starting with the less important stories and going right up the ladder to the big ones too.

Snowden seeking refuge in Ecuador sounds a little bit fishy to me…what’s he going to do there? Kind of makes you want to follow that guy around, and I am sure someone will. Why did it take so long to discover he was fishy? Why doesn’t someone explain to us why he chose Ecuador?

Putin keeping the Super Bowl ring sounds very fishy to me…does he just think he can rip off anybody’s stuff whenever he wants to? I think he needs to earn that ring by playing a quarter or two against the Raiders or the Steelers…and then an entire game with the NY Giants. That’ll do just fine for him. We’ll see if he can keep that ring or not. Why did the owner of the ring allow him to keep it? Hhhmm. Makes you wonder what the trade was.

Are we really supposed to believe that Paula Deen made those racial remarks because she is in her sixties and she was raised in the deep south? The rest of the country has learned some things from the civil rights movement, how come she never got on board? Sounds like a flimsy set of excuses to me – something is definitely fishy about that – if she walks like a duck, talks like a duck, well then…I am not going to watch her food show anymore.

Don’t you think it seems kinda fishy that just about the  time as almost any action hero movie is about to hit the theaters we hear about some kind of crazy accident or near-death experience that the star had while on set? Wow. That is so weird. Like they think we will really want to rush out and see that film to make sure the guy lived through it. Cause we’re not sure…what’s real and what isn’t. It’s all fishy.

And that is precisely the entire problem with everything! What is real and what is not? Is life all illusion? The reality shows on TV seem so scripted and the conversations we have in real life sometimes sound so outrageous it’s like someone outside our bodies made them up. They say truth is stranger than fiction and so does that mean the concept of fiction is now fictitious? Is there a new, bendable truth that allows for fishiness so that we are not ever certain of the degree of the truth we are hearing?

They say that if you can imagine it, it can happen some day. Fishiness in the news stories allows a lot of room for your imagination to run wild, perhaps imagining worse alternatives than the actual truth. That makes you hesitant to be imaginative. If you have to censor your own imagination so that you don’t imagine anything unbearably uncomfortable then you can’t be a free thinker. Imagination could get truly crippled by that. But fishiness invites that possibility for misinterpretation. It allows you to kind of make up your own endings to things.

So – at the end of the day, reality becomes less important than individual interpretation. As my 4 year old niece would say, “That’s not fair.”

This entry was written for the Daily Prompt – Island of Misfit Posts


8 responses to “The Creative Epiphany – Seems Kinda Fishy

    • Well that particular collage is not at all abstract as is most of my art, but whenever I post a painting on my blog it is my own…it really does not matter, when doing abstract art, whether or not your inspiration is realistic. What you are hoping for is a certain energy, sophistication, color selection, and so forth that you can translate into abstraction. Your photos have all that!


      • Look up Houston abstract painter Howard Sherman. I love his paintings, and he is a very interesting guy to talk to. That collage is not so abstract, but it is colorful.


      • WOW his stuff is very cool! Completely uninhibited and fresh! Thanks for telling me…you do seem to follow the gallery scenes – do you ever get to Denver or Boulder? Lots going on here, with art and everything. We are booming…..Boulder’s outdoor Pearl Street Mall is sorta like Venice Beach with mountains right up against it and LODO Lower Downtown Denver is really jumpin.


      • Ron I don’t think I have ever mentioned this to you but my daughter writes a fantastic blog for WordPress – travel – she and her husband are currently living in Singapore. Go to their website and see her blog archives on there. She is a great photographer…great writer…I think you’d enjoy seeing it. Her blog was featured in FRESHLY PRESSED a couple months ago.


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