The Creative Epiphany – High on Life


As I write this blog entry I am high on life, pumped with electric adrenaline and refusing to feel the pain. Of anything. Through no particular effort on my part the day began with a rare mind set even for me, the optimist, that was already in working order before I woke and enabled me involuntarily to feel exhilarated by nothing more than the air I was breathing. The day seemed brimming with potential. My unspoken plan was to ride the wave as long as it lasted.

I could not believe what a fine snack a triscuit can be, first thing in the morning. It has fiber, wheat, potassium and great flavor. I chose the kind with olive oil and dill. I ate six, but could have eaten the entire box. Add hot tea and you have a mini-breakfast.

Sitting down at my PC, I saw the video of the dolphin off the Kona coast who approached the divers seeking help in rescuing him from the fishing line tangled around one fin and attached to a hook in his mouth. Quite a stunning example of cooperation between two species who speak different languages and are eons apart in lifestyle and life purpose, yet manage to understand eachother enough to accomplish a basic rescue, born of communication and kindness, that most probably saved a life.

I did some errands, stopped at the grocery, and in the olive aisle while searching for my favorite in the red can, was asked by the adorable little barely two year old boy toddler in the cart next to me, “May I help you?” as he grinned from ear to ear. His Mom looked over at me and gave me a proud look that said, without words, “He does this all the time….”

Later I heard from one of my art students who was proud to say that she was working on a collage to  enter into our class competition with the possibility of being chosen to exhibit in the public showcase of fine art in the community lodge. Very satisfying news to hear. Student of mine. Talented. Never took art before in her life.

The day was punctuated with fun when a dozen or so of my favorite people arrived for a Happy Hour and Pot Luck dinner. It was a small enough group that we could all have a common conversation and everyone contributed interesting stories told with humor and honesty. It was a rare and wonderful evening.

It was not too long ago when I might have perceived all this joi de vivre as the prelude to some inevitable catastrophic episode, by the law of my averages. Not Murphy’s Law but my own. I would have been glancing over my shoulder to see what was creeping up on me. I was in a dark place for several years and experience had etched that theory into my consciousness. I had learned not to be too ebullient because it is built on a house of cards and something wicked this way comes. Pattern born of personal experience is a harsh teacher and you don’t forget the lessons she brings. Except that I have…finally and permenantly…blocked that way of thinking. It took a while, the process of erasing years of unhappiness that had polluted my creativity and left me only part of who I used to be. But gradually and subtely I was transformed back to who I really am – and I began seeing myself again for the first time –  happy to be happy. High on life.

So you might be wondering, what is the recipe for that transformation? The transformation that resurrects your creativity, demolishing the writer’s block or the artistic boredom, or is even able to thwart sad dullness from coloring your days. I am in no way attempting to provide a quite unprofessional cure for serious depression here, but rather a way to look at life in a different way that dwells in the light rather than the gray. In my opinion it involves seeing everything again for the first time. Notice the details. Watch people, listen to conversations, understand the language of bodies, ask yourself questions constantly – what color would you call that? What are you going to have for lunch today? Are you going to visit a friend? When is your next walk? How many cookies will you allow yourself to eat? Keep the colors of your life warm and lively.

Make each day a composition and fill it with the rewards of living. Take care of yourself and make sure there is something to look forward to when you open your eyes in the morning. Dwell in the positivity within yourself, because you owe that to yourself, and over the long haul a positive attitude actually does out wit, out play and out last (a nod to SURVIVOR) the negative. Yes much of the world is a mess, but in your world you have the responsibility and the power to practice peace and joy and to be as creative with what you’ve been given as you can. Your humble efforts will spread out beyond your private world and contribute to the greater good. Life is a trip and it does barrel along. Buckle up and get on board! Make sure you sit where you can  see the view. There is so much out there!


8 responses to “The Creative Epiphany – High on Life

  1. “Keep the colors of your life warm and lively.” – what a lovely way to approach life!

    An extremely inspiring and wise entry. There is so much to learn about keeping ourselves happy. It all really begins with the small and largely ignored steps. Before you know it, you’re well on your way to leading a happier and more fulfilled life. You have expressed that so well here.

    I’m glad I stopped by!


  2. A great post! I’ve been having some difficult changes at work, but decided this morning that I was going to see the positive wherever I could. Amazingly, today has been the best day since we began doing some different things in our work process. We can choose how our day is going to go, how we respond to it.
    I’m so glad to hear that your thinking has been re-routed onto the positive path.


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