The Creative Epiphany – Thanksgiving

Fall has been glorious here in Northern California this year, but with tonight’s wind and rain I expect the leaves will finally be blown from the trees and Fall 2012 will reluctantly give up to the arrival of the winter season.

But it is a perfectly lovely scene in these rolling hills right at this moment, leading into Thanksgiving Day….while out on my walk I was inspired to include a few special images. Rarely have I seen such vivid colors!

Enjoy the season and the reason. I am counting my blessings and sending my wishes along to all of you for a particularly meaningful day with your family and friends. How fortunate we are.




One response to “The Creative Epiphany – Thanksgiving

  1. I’ve heard there’s been rain. We seem to be in a vacuum here, in the land of warm and semi-cool in the evenings. What holida? There is no true way to know that it is Thanksgiviing by the weather, only the date.


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