The Creative Epiphany

Nice to Meet You
Ok here we go – I say “we” referring to myself because I feel that I will need to utilize various aspects of who I am to write a blog, and that’s fine, I have many interests. But of course I am hoping there are some people out there on the receiving end to catch what I am throwing, it does take a village. I have been tempted to write a blog for a long while but always felt it to be more responsibility than I wanted….I ask myself what has changed? Having written 2 books (books I put off writing for many years as the clock ticked) I do miss having a reason to write again. When you toy around with an idea for a long while, wasting time and being stuck in neutral, then wake up one morning asking yourself, “If not now, then when?” you finally begin to move forward. The banner of constantly changing ideas and ‘breaking news’ scrolling across my mind, like the streaming news on the bottom of the TV screen, is something I believe all writers have in common. Stuff keeps happening, ideas don’t stop, there is always something that takes you to the keyboard, because your first impulse is to write about it. A blog certainly is a kind of journaling, but far more public here in the 21st century, and as that great quote says, ‘You are what you think constantly about.’ A blog reveals the things you think constantly about. It reveals the authentic you.
I am also a life-long fine artist, an art instructor, and have held positions in teaching, marketing, sales and public relations. I plan to use all that has gone before in my approach to this new blog. How could I not? We are all the sum of what we have experienced thus far. I am especially fascinated with creativity and the unique, highly individual processes required to express that creativity. I love the arts. I like hearing true stories of how people’s lives were changed as the result of a monumental realization – an epiphany. That is the subject of my second book. There is much more to say on that subject.
So let us have some conversations – I will not be writing every single day, but often. I will include photos, I will include art info and images, great stories, humor, personal viewpoints and experiences. Come along with me, laugh with me, visit my other websites and we will become friends.
Jo Ann Brown-Scott

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